Whale Watching from Perth – an Unforgettable Experience

humpback_stellwagen_editBetween September and December every year, visitors to Perth can enjoy one of the world’s most fascinating sights. In those months Perth waters are home to humpback whales, taking a rest on their annual journey north. The Humpback is a large – adults weigh about 36T – species of baleen whale. They get their name from the way they arch their backs when breaching. They breach a lot, which is why they make for such a spectacular viewing experience. Not only do they breach frequently, but humpbacks do so in the showiest way possible. They roll, with their pectoral fins outstretched like wings, and seem to try to re-enter the water as noisily as they can. And the reason for this behaviour is still the subject of debate among scientists, who think it might be some form of social communication but admit that it could have no other purpose than to have a bit of fun.

It’s certainly fun to watch, and if you’re in Perth for a short stay, there are few better ways to spend a day than to book a seat on the MV Steep Point, a fast, well- appointed catamaran with café and licensed bar facilities that will get you out to the whales quickly. The vessel has five viewing platforms, over three levels, so its 72 passengers are guaranteed a comfortable, spacious vantage point. Not only that, but the Steep Point is equipped with an underwater camera and hydrophone, so you won’t only see the whales when they swim at the surface or breach, and you can immerse yourself in their strange, fascinating sonic world in the Steep Point’s Whale Watch TV theatres. Experienced guides provide information and commentary

whalewatching-hervey-bay-whalesong-04-lrgThe best time to view whales is when the sun is at its height, so a typical schedule would be:

  • 9 am – Pick up from your Perth hotel,
  • Transfer to Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour
  • 10 am Welcome aboard the Steep Point, complimentary glass of wine or beer.
  • Head for the whales, where you will spend about 2 hours.
  • 1 pm – Return to Fremantle, where we’ll be on hand to pick you up.
  • 2pm – Return to your hotel.

If you’d like us to arrange a whale- watching excursion for your group, just send us a request here.