Spring Into the Valley with Oktoberfest at Elmar’s

The Swan Valley may only be a short drive from your Perth hotel, but it boasts a profusion of rural production, based largely around wine and everything that goes with it. And indeed, the Valley’s wines are rightly treasured, but recent years have seen that Cinderella of the palate, cider, reasserting itself, while traditional beer brewing has found a champion in Elmar’s, a German brewery and restaurant run by Elmar and Annette Dieren, who migrated to Perth in 1987 and brought with them the skills and equipment needed to brew beer in strict accordance with the 1516 German Beer Purity Law. Of course German beer is closely associated with the state of Bavaria, which the world knows for its Oktoberfest. Elmar and Annette have also brought with them Elmar’s passion for artisan smallgoods and Annette’s love of fine food – all the ingredients for an Oktoberfest, bar the music – but we’ll come to that.

Now of course Oktoberfest is really an autumn event, but “Maifest” doesn’t have quite the right ring to it, and in any case beer is brewed year round, so Elmar’s Oktoberfest has joined the celebrations that make Spring in the Swan Valley such a great place to be.

Oktoberfest at Elmar’s starts this Saturday the 15th of October, and continues the following two Saturdays. At its heart is Elmar’s Märzen Oktoberfest Bier. Brewed in March, it has been conditioning since then, and is ready to serve just in time for Oktoberfest, in the Swan Valley’s biggest beer garden.

Beer may be at the heart of Oktoberfest, but the tummy is equally well served, and while his Märzen Bier was conditioning Elmar has had time to pursue his other passion – smallgoods –cured meats and sausages – lots and lots of sausages in undreamed- of variety.

The music? Elmar’s forsake the traditional Bavarian oompah band – and many will bless them for it. Instead, we have the more contemporary sound of New Zealander Ben Merito, whose musicianship spans roots, rock, reggae and soul.

Elmar’s offers a range of Oktoberfest experiences, starting at $20 for General Admission, and going right up to the VIP entry, priced at $149 and including all- you- can- eat access to the buffet.

If you’re visiting Perth in the next couple of weeks, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Bavarian hospitality, Swan Valley style. Let Perth Luxury Tours pick you up at your Perth hotel at a time of your convenience. We’ll take you to Elmar’s – about a half hour ride. And when you’re ready to return, we’ll be there to pick you up and return you to your hotel in comfort and style.